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Hey everyone! i’m doing a day of the dead tee πŸ’€πŸŽƒ giveaway!

To be entered in you must like this photo and tag 3 friends. The winner will be picked tomorrow 12mst. #iamsloth #dayofthedead

Day Of The Dead πŸ’€ // new SLOTH design coming soon 😁 #iamsloth #dayofthedead

Day of the πŸ’€ design in the works #iamsloth

I’m pretty sure this gorilla can shoot lazers from his eyes. Move! Get out da way! #iamsloth

I spy sloth. πŸŽƒ #iamsloth

Finished inking up the new Cage Warrior design. Pretty stoked to put this into illustrator and work some vector magic πŸ‘Œ #iamsloth

Sketchin out something special 😁 #iamsloth

SLOTH PHX Represent! πŸ‘Œ // @meggy_mcfranny #iamsloth

Excited to finish this up and put it on some new threads 😁 #iamsloth

Finishing up some new SLOTH art for a special design 😁excited to see this come to life. #iamsloth

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